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Sponsoring jobs on Simply Hired gives you a flexible, cost-effective solution for reaching qualified candidates. Our advanced personalization technology connects over 30 million unique job seekers with millions of jobs each month.

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How Simply Hired Works

Millions of candidates come to Simply Hired

Simply Hired aggregates job listings from company career pages, job boards, niche job sites and directly from employers. Our advanced personalization technology matches jobs to relevant searches on the Simply Hired web site, mobile search site, thousands of partner sites, and millions of email alerts requested by candidates.

Sponsored jobs give you premium placement and total control

When you sponsor a job on Simply Hired, candidates see your job above the free listings. Our performance-based ad network operates on a pay-per-click model, the same technology used by advertisers on Google and Yahoo!. You can work with your Account Manager to set the budget and priority for each job, and pay only when a candidate clicks on your job. You have the flexibility to reallocate budget from one job to another.

Sponsored jobs give you cost-effective results

Sponsored jobs receive up to 8 times the number of clicks from interested candidates compared to unsponsored jobs. Employers report lower cost per application than traditional job advertising solutions when they advertise their jobs on Simply Hired.

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